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Aduamerica Logistics Service Provider is specialized in handling projects of every magnitude, from the outset to completion of its operations, devoting all its expertise and know-how on the following aspects:

•Transportation from the client’s warehouse to the choosen destination..

•International transportation of items of large volume and weight.

• Feasibility study for special transportation, included study of bridges and roads, and bridge reinforcement if necessary.

• Road transportation of heavy and oversized equipment.

• Technical assistance and supervision at the worksite.

• Outsourcing

•Customs agency services

• Partial or full logistics operations, according to our clients’ requirements..


La Pampilla Refinery - 2001

Project for the start-up of a thermal power generation plant and a plant of cogeneration and amine.

The amount of the project reached US$15 million

A heat recovery boiler weighing 76 tons.

Orifice Chamber weighing 56 tons and 18 meters long.

Both items were professionally handled, from the Port of Callao to La Pampilla refinery facilities.

La Pampilla Refinery - 2001

Project for the start-up of treatment plant through temperature Exchange, Expansion of FCC.

The amount of the project reached US$25 million

Main shaft of the Recovery Boiler weighing 22 tons and 20 meters long


Consorcio Sade Skanska JJC - 2002

Project for the laying of pipelines in Camisea

Project worth US$2 million.

Multimodal transportation was used for this project. The equipment that arrived to the port of Callao was transported to Pucallpa in special trucks, and from there loaded onto barges to the final destination, the Camisea gas field.

River Transportation: Barges with final destination the Camisea gas field.


Ministry of the Presidency - 2002

Project for the importation of heavy machinery –through bidding process,  US$ 13,000,000.00

Direct unloading of machinery from the ship: loaders, backhoes, shovels, rollers, etc.


La Pampilla Refinery Project 2004

Vacuum distillation and viscosity reduction plant with components and accessories.

Project worth US$ 48 million

This machinery weighed 38 tons and measured 4.30 m  wide and 4.30 m high.


OTHER Projects

• Cegelec / Alstom Project - Hydroelectric plant

•  Instituto Nacional de Desarrollo -Special project to reinforce and expand Tacna water resources US$ 10,000,000.00.

• Yuncán Hydroelectric Station Plant - Vatec

•  Copza del Perú Factory - implementation of factory to produce polypropylene sacks and cloth US$ 4,000,000.00.

•  Consorcio Sade Skanska JJC Latintecna -Project for the start-up of a gas plant in Camisea

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